La Vie en Rose


Portraits with Pzazz!






Don’t need you to be perfect

All I need is you to be the perfect man for me

Love me enough

To not want to live without my loving

You be the present & future

The one who makes my heartbeat sing

My smile glow

Secure in knowing you’re for real

No matter which way life goes

Portraits with Pzazz!

I’m gonna love you

Love you like never before

Straight outta my heart

Throw back my head

Kick up my heels

Laugh from the bottom of my soul

Fully love living this life


Portraits with Pzazz!

The time is now

Now & only now

Gotta do this

Yesterday ain’t coming back

Tomorrow who knows

Which leaves today

To be my day

Make my moves

Behind the Scenes

What do you want

How do you want it

Tell me your story

Your paradise imagined

I can be your fantasy girl

Make your mind trip come alive


NYC Streets

Because I love you
I go 10.000 extra miles & beyond
Only for you
Pray for you morning & night
Before I even think to pray for myself
My kindness is patience
I forgive you when I get angry
Be a fool or be wise to give you my best
Either way giving is my pleasure
All because I love you

NYC Streets

Winter in the Summer

Winter in the Summer

His love came in the winter
Better than summer love
Blanketing us
Keeping us warm

Portraits with Pzazz!

We go together like
Rum mixes with coke
Flour & sugar combine in a cake
Yoke in the middle of the egg white
A dope beat in a classic hip hop joint
The shift stick in a sweet sports car
Sun & sand play with summertime
Like a foot slips into a comfy shoe
That’s how we go together



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