La Vie en Rose


Portraits with Pzazz!


And I took

The kind of path

That can only be trod

By faith alone

A route my God

Guides me along


No hesitation

Of fear

I know with certainty

Without fully knowing how

That I’ll reach

My destinations

In the time

I’m meant to arrive

Behind the Scenes

What thoughts lie

Just beneath

Smooth surface of skin

Coursing through veins

Unseen conceptions

No one can certainly speak about

Voiceless whispers

Of a beating heart

Intentions angelic or demon

Except God & that man


Portraits with Pzazz!


Hey radio man

Put on a good jam

‘Cause my baby & me

We love to dance

Play us some tunes

We can rock n roll to

All night long

Back to the Country

Want to be

Your one & only girl

Be the one

Out of all the girls

In this wide, wide world

Who keeps your eyes

Owns your heart

The only girl you want

Tonight & every night

Portraits with Pzazz!


You will always have

My name

Remembered on your lips

When everything fails

All is forgotten

Nothing exists except…

Memories of me

Calling echoes in your mind

And no comfort



Behind the Scenes


Baby you

You amaze me so

Don’t know how I did

Did life before you

Yes you

You please me so

Make my smile glow

Love hear me purr


Lover let me

Whisper in your ear

You’re the one

I want to give my very best

Don’t you let it go

Don’t ever let me go

Portraits with Pzazz!




On my moves

Not about that word hesitate

Gonna cut to the chase

Take the snapshot of my life

I visualize in my dreams

Match it up to my waking reality





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