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“For no one ever hated his own body, but nourishes & cherishes it, just as Christ cares for the church.” – Ephesioans 5:29

In the summer of 2018, I began an ongoing self-portrait photography project titled Seeing Myself In A New Light.  It was my way of healing & relearning how to love myself after a deep wounding life experience.  In order to have the rich relationships that I want to have with others, I first had to nourish & cherish me.

I would love to chat with you to learn how as a photographer I can support you with seeing yourself through a new light of self-empowerment. 

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“Beth really knows what she’s doing and it shows, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the photos she recently took came out. Her attention to detail is key and I love how she is open to bouncing ideas around until we both come to something that fits. Trust me book her for your next session if you want some professional, stunning and affordable.” – Kareem

Have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to certain colors? It seems attraction to a specific color isn’t a random preference, but in fact color keeps our cells in harmony with one another.

“How we respond to color creates alkaline or acid-forming reactions in the body.  Vibrations that form color create an actual molecular impact within each cell. Colors that foster harmony, create alkalinity; & those that  impose disharmony, acidity.  For example, you may feel the lure of a green forest or the yellow-red hue of a desert.  Thus surround yourself in a collage of color that lifts you, brings strenth, relaxation, peace & joy.” – Alkalize or Die, Dr. Theodore A. Baroody 

When I reflect on the history of my life, I see a common theme, the desire to help others.  From photography to teaching, volunteering, sharing the Good News, founding The Big Black Book NYC small business directory, even acting, my primary driving motivation is to strengthen & encourage people & communities.  In light of this, I am excited about my newest photo session package & how it will help add harmony into my client’s lives!

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In Black & White is inspired by my love for black & white photography.  This session is for anyone who appreciates the artistic contrasts of light & shadows & the emotions portrayed as a result of the contrast. 


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“Beth did an AMAZING job capturing our models for a jewelry shoot for catalog. She has such an amazing eye for “how” to capture the beauty of the product without losing the essence of the model and the brand. Our catalog was beautiful because she was our model photographer, she is excellent!! Do yourself a favor and book her for your next Photoshoot!!” – Angela






“Truly a pleasure working with Beth. Her understanding of our goal and attention to detail during our shoot was greatly appreciated. Would definitely suggest working with her!” – Thomas