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Healing from Trauma 21 Day Program

Seeing myself in a new light.

I teach Christian women & men how to heal & redefine their identity after trauma or heartbreak & learn to see themselves in a new light so they can flourish & love themselves as God intended.

I would love to chat with you…yes YOU! One thing that few people knew about me until recently was how I spent 3 years sitting on my couch working on healing & redefining my identity after a traumatic event & then heartbreak. There were many days when I felt stuck, I didn’t recognize who I was anymore & did not feel good about who I had become. Some days were oppressively dark when I didn’t know how to progress forward in becoming whole again. But by God’s grace today I see myself in a new light.

I can help you by teaching you how to: 

  • Develop a new personal vision (perspective)
  • Redefine your identity by casting down lies based on God’s truths 
  • Begin releasing old disappointments & pain in your life
  • Move forward in forgiveness
  • Move into a place of honestly loving & accepting yourself as you are free from shame. 
  • See yourself as the masterpiece you are so you can walk regally into rooms knowing who & whose you are free from perfectionism, people pleasing or imposter syndrome  

If  this resonates with you,  I’d love to help you with any and all of the above!

Let’s chat soon.  Book your call below with me today to see if now if you’re a good fit for my coaching program.

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