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Portraits with Pzazz!


There’s layers to my depths

And depths to my layers

Portraits with Pzazz!


Got a smile on my face

A twinkle in my soul

A little swag in my stride

Faith in new beginnings

Working out

In favor

Of my destiny

Behind the Scenes



Truth or dare

Would you rather

Say I do

Sell me your soul

Live to see another day

Or die in this battle

To the hounds of Hell

I’ll release on you

Ha! Sucker!

Either way I own

Your destiny

So do you dare

Life or death with me

Portraits with Pzazz!

The time is now

Now & only now

Gotta do this

Yesterday ain’t coming back

Tomorrow who knows

Which leaves today

To be my day

Make my moves

Behind the Scenes

Gnawing soft insides out
Ulcers of regret
Tidal waves of acid to the soul
Desperate despair
Famine in the belly
Once gorged with love


Portraits with Pzazz!

Want to go farther
Push beyond the limits
Of my wildest imagination
Eliminate boundaries
Leave the comfortable
Vanquish mountains
Seek out
The extraordinary
Become the best me
I can possibly be


Portraits with Pzazz!

Got My Gangster Look On

Dead center stare

Eyeball to eyeball

Unpredictable dare

What you gonna do

Once I finally

Come for you?