You make my shutter go CLICK!

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NYC Streets

Chin up

Look up

God up

Hope up

Future’s up

La VIe En Rose


Don’t need you to be perfect

All I need is you to be the perfect man for me

Love me enough

To not want to live without my loving

You be the present & future

The one who makes my heartbeat sing

My smile glow

Secure in knowing you’re for real

No matter which way life goes


Behind the Scenes

What do you want

How do you want it

Tell me your story

Your paradise imagined

I can be your fantasy girl

Make your mind trip come alive


NYC Streets

His love came in the winter
Better than summer love
Blanketing us
Keeping us warm

Behind the Scenes

Gnawing soft insides out
Ulcers of regret
Tidal waves of acid to the soul
Desperate despair
Famine in the belly
Once gorged with love


Portraits with Pzazz!



I fell for you

Because I saw myself

60 years in the future

Being able to

Look across

The dinner table

Over a boring plate

Of peas & chicken

And still like you


To smile at you


Behind the Scenes


I was born
With the stars
In my eyes
A million dollar baby
Even if
No one realized it
I knew it
The stars knew it
My future knows it