You make my shutter go CLICK!

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Portraits with Pzazz!

fullsizeoutput_f92bMy love

I wrote

Our story

Set us up

Under dazzling lights

Camera action

Baby our passion

Everyone’s gonna see

Us as Hollywood magic

Portraits with Pzazz!

fullsizeoutput_c635Play a melody
I can dance to
Music to sweep
My heart away with
A song to fall
In love with life

Portraits with Pzazz!

One Two Three
Radio’s on
Couch pushed back
Impromptu dip
Summer Saturday night
Just my baby & me
Kick off
Those high heel shoes
Barefoot spin
Down the hall
Feel so free
Can’t catch my breath
He caught my heart
One Two Three

Portraits with Pzazz!


You walked
Onto the silver screen
Of my life
Set lights casting shadows
Light & dark
Upon your face
Ticking projector playing
Glamourous life
Adventure flick
Never forget
It’s my film
I’m the star
Leading Lady
If you can’t keep up
Be my leading man
Play your role right
Exit screen left